The Client

CleanlineTasman are a customer focussed company selling a wide range of work apparel, safety, hygiene consumables and chemicals.

The Challenge

With a large customer and product base CleanlineTasman required an eCommerce solution that would sync existing customer and product data from their ERP system to an eCommerce platform. This would allow CleanlineTasman to continue their "Customer First" focus instead of spending time double handling their data.

The Solution

We created some custom software to constantly sync all existing and future product, customer, category, and order information between CleanlineTasman's ERP and website.

The sync covers a wide range of information from simple data like product titles and descriptions to product matrices, special pricing, images, video, PDF's, categories, product relationships, customer data and much more.

Some geeky bits 💡

The integration software is written in PHP using the Laravel framework and runs on an ubuntu server with a modified LEMP stack using BeanstalkD for queues and Redis for caching..

Communication between the ERP and website is done using SOAP over an SSL connection and data such as imagesa and PDF's is transferred over SFTP.

Extending the integration

Both the website and the integration software was built to be extended with new features constantly being added to best serve CleanlineTasman and their clients. Here are just a few of the extensions made to the integration software and eCommerce platform.

Live Pricing

Customer pricing is acquired from the ERP in realtime as a customer views the website.


Favourites can be quickly copied and have their options changed so multiple sizes of the same product don't have to be stored permanently.

Hidden Products

Products such as company logos on embroidered clothing are only visible to the applicable company.

My favourite part of development
is creating efficiency for my clients
and ease for their customers. 

Me ;)

If you want to know more about this or any other portfolio piece, just get in touch. 😉