In short...

Full Stack Senior Web Developer currently working for Tuapeka Gold Print to develop systems and experiences for our distributors that lead to a higher turnover.

Strengths and Skills 💪

Take a realistic approach to solving problems using this best tool for the job mixing in new technologies where it will enhance the end result.

Have a passion for learning both new technologies and improving workflows and best practices.

Solving problems for clients that create efficiency for them and/or their customers is where I thrive.

Never settle for "Good enough" when I ran my Web Development company we won contracts on our attention to detail.

After years of working in sales and running an I.T company I have developed a great ability to distil an idea, technology or anything else down to its core and communicating it.

Your greatest strength is to know your weaknesses.

Doug Thwaites

Work History 🕑 

ILT (Invercargill licensing Trust)July 2001 - May 2004Various: Manager, Bar Staff, Waiter
Telecom New Zealand (Spark New Zealand)May 2004 - March 2009Retail Sales (Business to Business and Business to Consumer)
Digital Doctors an I.T BusinessMarch 2009 - March 2015Computer Technician / Sales (Dual role with Jump Frog)
Jump Frog Web DevelopmentMarch 2009 - March 2015Web Developer / Sales (Dual role with Digital Doctors)
Market SouthMarch 2015 - August 2018Senior Web Developer / Account Management
Mimicry TechSeptember 2018 - April 2019Founder / Developer working with Te Papa
ConsultingApril 2019 - September 2019Web development and software consulting
MimomaxSeptember 2019 - January 2021Software application design engineer
Tuapeka Gold PrintJanuary 2021 - CurrentSenior Web Developer

Why I love what I do!

I built a piece of integration software to sync a large ERP system with an eCommerce website creating custom fit efficiency for the client giving them more time to focus on their customers.

*Not a novel, promise 😉

Coding for me is a passion, hobby and job. In my spare time you will always find me chipping away at some wee project, usually ones that allow me to learn a new technology in the process.

Me again ;P

All the usual suspects 😎 


PHP, Python, Javascript (ES6), React, CSS3, SASS, SQL, HTML5, Bash, jQuery, Laravel, MeteorJS, JSON, API Intergrations, SOAP, Jasmine, React-Native, VueJs, Twig


Sublime Text, PHPStorm, Git, GitHub, Gulp, Vagrant, Laravel Homestead, iTerm, Adobe Suite, Node, NPM, BeanstalkD Queues, Redis, Craft CMS, AdWords Certified


SSH, Ubuntu, CentOS, Plesk, Laravel Forge, SSL, HTaccess, Apache, NginX, SFTP, Google Compute Engine, Amazon Ec2, Serverless

Want to know more?

Referees, maybe share Pork Belly recipes...