MasterClass Leanback

A Google Chrome extension that adds a leanback feature to auto play all classes without having to go to each class one-by-one.

Device Hunt

A website to search for that "unknown device" using the vendor and device ID with extra information on the vendor and device such a driver links.


Jane is a digital art project that tries to emulate a slightly more human drawing and experience than an Instagram filter would.

TradeMe Plus

A Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension for TradeMe which adds international seller warnings and a negative feedback filter.

Spam A Scammer

A website to to track scams and spam them by flooding their websites and call centers with too much traffic to handle.

Whats your excuse

A website to inform locals on why their excuses not to vote are irrelevant and to get out there and vote!


An app to immortalise your favourite quote or something stupid that your friend said on a t-shirt in an instant.

Craft 2 Plugins

A few simple plugins to extend Craft CMS.

Font Alignment

Adds a font alignment button to redactor fields in Craft 2

Font Colour

Adds a font colour button to redactor fields in Craft 2

Font Size

Adds a font size button to redactor fields in Craft 2